About the collection

Embroidery is an ancient technique – cultures across the world have been using a needle and thread to skilfully decorate garments and furnishings for thousands of years. Susie Cowie has modernised these traditional facets of embroidery to create luxurious, contemporary pieces that feel beautiful next to the skin. Designed to be worn and loved, every item is made using only the finest raw materials, and the highest level of craftsmanship.

Silk thread is used throughout the collection, which negates the need for backing on the reverse of the fabric. Embroidering using this method requires a higher level of skill, but ensures there is nothing unsightly on the inside, and guarantees a more comfortable experience for the wearer. Finishings are similar to those seen in couture garments – with French seams as standard, and piping used throughout to add understated definition. The densely woven 19 momme silk has been selected for its ability to drape beautifully; slightly more substantial in weight than many silks seen in modern manufacturing. It has been gently washed to give a supersoft and distinctive, crepe-like appearance. 

Silhouettes are based on the loose, relaxed fit that is normally reserved for menswear pyjamas, but with specific enhancements to flatter the female form. Mother of Pearl buttons with just the right amount of subtle sheen draw attention to the central placket, and traditionally shaped collars have been delicately tweaked to expose a little more collar bone. Functional pockets have been added, along with side slits on the shirt hem – resulting in garments that are as wearable in the bedroom as they might be with a favourite pair of jeans. They are the ideal multi-functional wardrobe pieces.